Family Meals

Take a night off with CBPC! 

The 3 Chefs at Crested Butte’s Personal Chefs are creating healthy, seasonal, and comforting meals for locals.

All 3 of our chefs have voluntarily taken the last 2 weeks to self quarantine so that you can all feel comfortable eating the food that is cooked at the CBPC kitchen. We are all healthy, cooking with gloves, and constantly sanitizing. If you have any concerns that we have not covered, please ask us.

The cost is $20 per person and there is a 4 person minimum order. Delivery is $20 for CB, CB South, and Mt CB.  Pick up is free in CB South at our kitchen.

Please place your orders by Sunday at midnight for Tuesday and Wednesday at midnight for Friday. Once your order has been placed you will receive an email confirmation from our chefs.

Community Support dinners are happening!  If we receive more than 6 dinner orders a night we can donate 1 to a member of the community who is tirelessly working in one of our essential businesses (medical, emergency response, teachers, grocery).

We have a growing list of people that we want to donate to but we are open to your list of people too.  You can also purchase a donation dinner to give to someone. Donation dinners will get free delivery.

In addition to the meals, we are selling a few products that we always have on hand to help you stay stocked up with high quality ingredients.

Larder Items:

Organic Basmati Rice, $4/lb

Local Salad Greens $10/8oz

Local Eggs $8/dz

Local Milk $7/gal.

Organic Flour $2/lb.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper $15/12 rolls

Organic Sugar $3/lb

Menu for the weeks of April 7th – 24th:


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